Chase Account - 14th and 15th May 2004

From Ardmore, Oklahoma, to Edmond, Oklahoma, the Chasers Picnic, then N to Lincoln, Nebraska

Tony Gilbert, Terry Fryer, Sam Jowett and Ali Dibb

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Friday 14th May was a down day with no sign of significant thunderstorms anywhere, so we headed N back to Oklahoma City to meet up with some of the other chase teams where we sampled the cuisine and of course, alcohol!
Saturday 15th May saw the annual Chasers picnic, being held at Rocky Rascovich's ranch in Piedmont just outside Oklahoma City, made possible by the lack of severe weather again, so we thought it a good idea to show our faces.  Was great to meet many of the names I've only seen online and on the TV so far...  An early exit was needed though as the forecast for Sunday pointed to severe thunderstorms in eastern Nebraska.  We booked a hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska and set off mid afternoon...