Chase Account - 13th May 2004

From Dodge City, Kansas to the chase in S Oklahoma and bed in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Tony Gilbert, Terry Fryer, Sam Jowett and Ali Dibb

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Thursday the 13th saw us needing to get further S still as the cold front surged S bring single figure maxima to Dodge City and snow to parts of S Dakota where we'd been the day before.  This meant we spent the whole day driving S in the damp squib of a cold front... it could have been in the UK!  Apart from... once we'd got past Oklahoma City expecting to continue pushing S in to N Texas we caught sight of a wall cloud amongst some impressive lightning near Pauls Valley.  The road options and a 2 mile long goods train prevented our getting a proper look though.  We initially decided to continue pushing S, but radar showed the cells decaying and becoming less well defined so we decided on an overnight stop in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

(No pictures I'm afraid as the wall cloud was too fleeting and nothing else was worthy.)