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All photos are taken using an Olympus E20 with a range of lenses and some non-coloured filters. Any manipulation during processing is purely to bring the image closer to what I saw... apart from those in the "Abstract" album of course! High resolution copies of any image are available for purchase. For any enquiries, please contact enquiries@photoweather.com. I hope you enjoy looking round... feel free to take copies for personal use, though I'd love to know if you are.

Please note: All recent work from the last 2 months or so is uploaded to the "New Material" album, in addition to the relevant album it will be stored in for the longer term.

Sam Jowett

Instructions for using the Gallery:
  1. Click the albums in the top left to see nested albums and thumbnails.
  2. In the header just above the thumbnails, select the number per row if it helps your formatting.
  3. Click thumbnails in the lower left to view them in the main frame.
  4. Use the drop down in the header of the main panel to select your preferred resolution (this will reduce image quality but allow for quicker download).
  5. Click the left and right arrows to move backwards and forwards through the photos in that album.
  6. Add comments using the panel below the main image.

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