Recent Updates

Current Weather Station data available 24 hours a day.

21st June 2011 - Page and format for Coalville Weather Station Live feed updated.

20th June 2011 - Various updates to menus and removal of dead links. All links to weathercam removed due to hardware failure - links will be reinstated when replacement hardware is available.

18th June 2011 - Reception issues with weather station resolved to maintain data integrity - Coalville Weather Station.

10th July 2010 - Photos of a noctilucent cloud display uploaded to Gallery, can be found in "1. Recent Uploads" and "9. Weather/Noctilucent".

Welcome to Photoweather.com, the site for tracking NW Leicestershire's weather (UK) and witnessing the beauty of our skies.

My gallery contains mainly weather and landscape photography, but also some flora, wildlife and macro images.

Storm chasing reports from my travels across Europe and the US will be updated whenever there is a noteworthy event.

Coalville Weather Station reports live weather 24/7/365 from the town of Coalville, in Leicestershire, UK, providing all the current weather observations and statistics you need. Data updates as regularly as every 4 seconds with archives going back to 2004.

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The site is updated regularly, so please review the panel on the left for recent changes.

High resolution copies of any image in the gallery are available for purchase. For enquiries regarding any aspect of the site or my work, please contact me. I hope you enjoy looking around and trust you'll be back soon.